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The Specter Armoured personnel carrier

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Specter – APC, is a purpose build armored vehicle. Designed to be used in a wide variety of applications which include Military, Police and other Tactical missions across the globe. The ISOTREX Specter – APC has been designed and built not only to withstand ballistic assaults but to protect the occupants against blast scenarios.

ISOTREX`s Specter can be custom build in multiple configurations to fit your mission. From border patrol mission configuration, peace keeping operations or rugged all terrain & AWD Ambulance, the Specter provides a reliable and versatile armored platform.


  • • Automatic AC
  • • 6 Gun Ports (2 Left, 2 Right & 2 Rear)
  • • Run Flat Tire Devices
  • • Ballistic steel-case fuel tank protection
  • • Heavy duty front and rear rump bumpers
  • • Roof Mounted Escape Hatch
  • • Additional AC for Rear Compartment
  • • Roof mounted 360-degree turret with perimeter protection
  • • Self Recovery Winch
  • • Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • • Navigation System
  • • FLIR Driver Aid System


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