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Turkish Armed Forces buy Tactical Area Communications System (TASMUS)

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ministry of Defence of the Turkish Armed Forces need of Tactical Area Communications System (TASMUS) The total cost for the supply of 186 million – has signed a contract with the US dollar.

​​TASMUS is a tactical area communications system which provides network centric communication infrastructure. The main goal of TASMUS is to provide a common picture of the battlefield in near-real time and shares data among battlefield systems. It facilitates fusion and display of intelligence information to commanders at all levels and handles the exchange of targeting data from sensor to weapon systems.

TASMUS aims to form mobile, survivable, flexible and secure network to support all the present and future communication requirements of the commanders in the tactical field.

TASMUS brings together state-of-the-art military communication technologies while enabling access through wired user terminals, mobile radios, integrated Combat Net Radio networks and Tactical Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) in the tactical field.

TASMUS is deployed in the area of military operations such that, seamless communication between the army and battalion/company level is achieved. It provides interfaces to the strategic telecom and data networks, while providing connection to the existing Combat Net Radio systems via Combat Net Radio Interface.

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