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Turkish company begins serial production of new Yoruk 4×4 armoured vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Turkey’s private defence company Nurol Makina (Nurol Machinery) has announced on the beginning of serial production of the new Yoruk 4×4 armoured vehicle.

The Nurol Makina held an official ceremony for its new first serial-production Yoruk 4×4 Light Armored Vehicle.

Yoruk 4×4 is designed for variety of missions, offers combat troops a range of capabilities ranging from carrying weapons systems to reconnaissance missions. The vehicle has V shaped monocoque body and indigenous chassis. Improvements that have been made in drive-train, make the vehicle extremely fast and maneuverable on a variety of conditions. Offering high protection at a lower weight brings unique superiority to the vehicle in combat areas against the most aggressive and asymmetric threats.

Yoruk, weighing in at eight tons was designed on a military chassis with a fully independent suspension, constant 4×4 drive, and an auto central tire inflation system.

Nurol Makina Business Development Manager Hakan Arısüt said, “We expect our armoured vehicles to serve our armed forces and to proudly proclaim our country in the best way by providing an opening to the outside of the country in this perspective.”

Also, the new vehicle was fitted with new SARP Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform developed by ASELSAN.

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