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Turkish Navy sinks tanker during a torpedo-firing exercise

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Turkish Armed Forces released imagery showing a retired tanker is exploded by the Turkish Navy’s submarine during large-scale naval drills on the Black Sea, on June 11.

The A 573 Sadettin Gürcan (1970 built) tanker is sunk by a torpedo from a TCG Yildiray submarine (German project 209/1200).

Turkish sources claim that during drills was used the 533-mm torpedo SST-4 Mod 0. In the video, the Ay-class submarine can be seen submerging before firing a single wire-guided torpedo at the tanker. The video subsequently shows the tanker sinking after being almost split in half.

The SST-4 is a German-made wire-guided anti-ship torpedo. Has passive homing capability. When launched by surface ships, these torpedoes are fired back over the stern with the tail facing forward.


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