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Turkmenistan parades S-125-2BM air defense missile systems

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Armed Forces of Turkmenistan publicly displayed for the first time its recently delivered Belarus-made S-125-2BM air defense missile systems during the celebrations in honour of the 26th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan.

The S-125–2BM (also called the PF 50 Alebarda) is a mobile medium-range air defense missile system with the 5V27D guided surface-to-air missile. The system developed by Belarus’s  «ALEVKURP» joint-stock company.

It is designed to destroy manned and unmanned air attack systems flying at low and extremely low altitudes, both on head-on and pursuit courses in a difficult jamming environment. The weapon is capable of killing ground and water- surface radar contrast targets with known coordinates.


  • Damaging range, km 3,—30
  • Engagement altitude, km 0,020–20
  • Maximum cross range of targets, km 16,5
  • Maximum target speed, m/s 700
  • Jam resistance (active jamming), W/MHz 2000
  • Deployment time, minutes 25
  • The target kill probability by one missile 0.9

It was reported that the development of the S-125-2BM SAM was carried out by Alevkurp in 2011. For the first time, a sample of the S-125-2BM missile system was demonstrated in July 2014 at the MILEX-2014 defense exhibition in Minsk, while it was stated that “a few days before the exhibition” had been tested. Turkmenistan, apparently, was the starting customer of this system.

5P73-MA launcher of S-125-2BM air defense missile system in combat position. Photo by MILITARY–INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. BELARUS

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