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U.S. Army awards contract to Oshkosh for Palletized Load System Trailers

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The defense arm of Oshkosh Corp. was awarded a contract from the  U.S. Army Contracting Command for Palletized Load System Trailers.

The contract, from U.S. Army Contracting Command and announced on Monday, is valued at more than $21,7 million and provides for the production of truck-based logistics systems, called the Palletized Load System (PLS).

The Palletized Load System (PLS) A1 is a 5-axle, 10-wheel drive tactical truck with a companion trailer (M1076A1), each with a demountable cargo bed (flat rack). Both the truck and the trailer are capable of carrying up to 36,250 pounds of payload (which includes the weight of the flat rack) on one of several different types of flat racks, containers or modules.

The PLSA1 has an engine with greater capacity than the A0, independent front suspension, and an A-cab/B-kit common with the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A4. Additionally, by North Atlantic Treaty Orgainization (NATO) agreement, the PLSA1 shall be able to transport other NATO flat racks up to a payload of 36,250 pounds.

A self-contained hydraulic Load Handling System (LHS) is mounted on the PLSA1 truck chassis. The PLSA1 truck has two mission-oriented configurations: the M1074A1 and M1075A1. The M1074A1 is equipped with a variable reach Material Handling Crane (MHC) to support forward deployed artillery units. The M1075A1 does not have the MHC. It is used in conjunction with the M1076A1 trailer in support of transportation line haul missions.

Work will be performed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with an estimated completion date of April 30, 2021.

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