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U.S. Army awards DRS contract for Abrams tank support

Posted by Colton Jones on

The U.S. Army awarded DRS Sustainment Systems a contract potentially worth more than $192.5 million for services in support of the Abrams M1A2 Main Battle Tank, according to a Pentagon statement.

The deal, announced Friday by the Department of Defense, is valued at more than $192.5 million under the terms of a fixed-price-incentive contract that enables DRS Sustainment Systems to procure Abrams Active Protection systems for the Abrams M1A2 Main Battle Tank, the Pentagon said.

The M1 Abrams is a third-generation tank that is designed for improved lethality and mobility. The M1A2 version upgrades the exterior with armor and provides a redesign of the Commander’s Weapon Station, along with adding thermal imaging technology and advances in communication and global positioning equipment.

The Pentagon contract will also provide countermeasure systems and calibration-maintenance kits to support the M1A2 System Enhancement program version 2, according to the Defense Department’s contract announcement.

Work on the contract will occur in St. Louis, Mo., and is expected to be complete in March 2020.

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