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U.S. Army testing upgraded Bradley fighting vehicle at Yuma Proving Ground

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The U.S. Army is testing an upgraded Bradley fighting vehicle with a new track system at the Yuma Proving Ground, according to FOX 10.

United States’s public broadcaster, FOX 10, quoting Test Officer at the Yuma Proving Ground, reported that a new track system is being tested on a Bradley combat-proven platform, one that will allow tanks to be raised and lowered depending on the terrain, like a lifted Jeep.

“It gives it the ability to set a variable ride height,” said Sarah Hogan, Combat Systems Test Officer at the Yuma Proving Grounds. “Better off-road speeds, lower vibrations, so better survivability for the crew and army personnel.”

The YPG test officer provided no further details.

According to the open information, the new track system could be Horstman’s hydro-pneumatic suspension uses high-pressure nitrogen gas and an integral oil damper that are all contained within the road arm. This reduces weight and space compared to other hydrop or coil solutions. Designed Horstman Holdings Ltd. as the most efficient packaging space solution, new track system will provide a growth path to advanced variable damping, lock-out and ride height management systems.

Bases hydro-pneumatic track system for combat vehicle was developed by Horstman in the mid-1990s initially for the UK MODs Future Scout Cavalry System (FSCS) Tracer and US Army’s Future Combat System (FCS) programs, to eliminate the need for torsion bars and to minimize or eliminate road arm penetration of the vehicle hull.

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