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UAE Deploys Agrab 120mm 4×4 mortar carrier vehicle in Yemen

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

UAE Deploys BAE Systems RG-31 Agrab 120mm 4×4 mortar carrier vehicle in Yemen.

The AGRAB is the result of an initiative by IGG in the UAE and aims to deliver accurate and devastating firepower over long ranges.

The AGRAB is fitted with the 120mm SRAMS (Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System), and is mounted on the RG31 Vehicle.

The vehicle is fitted with an ammunition handling system, consisting of two carousels, capable of accepting various types of mortar bombs. A total of 46 bombs (23 bombs in each carousel) can be stored in the carousels, with two additional ready round racks, providing space for up to 12 ready bombs.

An Auxiliary Power Unit is fixed to the vehicle to provide power to the SRAMS, Fire Control and Air Conditioning system during deployment.

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