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UAE is Using its AT-802U Aircrafts to Train Yemeni Pilots

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

UAE is using its AT-802 aircrafts (Border Patrol Aircraft) to train Yemeni pilots at Al Anad air base. Now Yemeni pilots have conducted airstrikes on weapons storage & vehicles using these AT-802 in Taiz & Al baydah

The Air Tractor AT-802U is an economical single engine turboprop aircraft designed for surveillance, precision strike, and rugged dirt strip utility missions. The AT-802U combines an 8,000-lb. (3,629 kg) payload and 10-hour ISR mission capability with the flexibility and responsiveness of a manned weapon system – for a fraction of the cost of unmanned aerial vehicle systems.

United Arab Emirates Air Force have 10 AT-802U heavily armored military version, modified with sensors and reinforced for weapons carriage.

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