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Ukraine blames Russia for theft of blueprints of new armoured fighting vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Ukrainian manufacturer Arey Engineering Group stated that Russia stole blueprints of a new medium-weight armoured fighting vehicle with a hybrid-electric propulsion system.

According to the Arey Engineering Group, that the new Russian promising hybrid tracked combat vehicle developed by «Nii stali» JSC (also known as the NII Stali Institute for Protection) is a copy of Ukraine’s vehicle with hybrid-electric propulsion system called the Rysak.

On 9 February 2018, the Arey Engineering Group announced that its engineering design and technical specifications of the new Rysak tracked vehicle with hybrid-electric propulsion system finds in Russia and on its bases started developing of the new Russian medium-weight armoured fighting vehicle.

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Representatives of the Arey Engineering Group to accuse Ukrainian corrupt officials jointly Russian special agents in a theft of blueprints of a new vehicle with a hybrid-electric propulsion system.

As for Russian promising hybrid tracked combat vehicle, it is a concept of a new all-terrain vehicle powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system same way as the Ukrainian Rysak. Russia’s project repeats the Ukrainian vehicle in everything. It will also use two small turbines and an electromechanical transmission.

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Representatives of «Nii stali» JSC, in turn, refute the accusations made by the Ukrainian Arey Engineering Group. They stated that project of the new Russian medium-weight armoured fighting vehicle with a hybrid-electric propulsion system was started earlier than was established Ukrainian Engineering Group. Also, Nii stali’s representatives declined further comment.

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