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Ukraine proposes to consider strengthening the capacity of the LITPOLUKRBRIG

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Ukraine proposes to the project partners to consider strengthening the capacity of the joint trilateral Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade. This information was passed out by Minister of National Defence of Lithuania Raimondas Karoblis to the Media during 10-th Kyiv Security Forum, informs

“Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and among others was discussed the further involvement of Ukrainian battle groups in the framework of the trilateral Brigade in order to increase its capacity and make it more functional,” said Raimondas Karoblis.

According to Lithuanian official, initially, the idea of setting up the trilateral Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade was to generate forces for peacekeeping operations. Today, LITPOLUKRBRIG is capable even more – to deliver military training as well as arrange and participate in joint military exercises along with NATO units. Nevertheless, the goal of this multinational unit is to be available to participate in joint military operations.

“Speaking about battle groups’ training, I believe there are many options and formats that we come along with US, Canada, and Britain. However, opportunities for sharing of the operational experience and training missions according to NATO standards might be the most beneficial course of action (for the Brigade). Thereby, we will learn what can be done with the strengthening of the mandate and capacity of Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade,” concluded Raimondas Karoblis.

Lithuania together with Poland and Ukraine established a trilateral brigade, LITPOLUKRBRIG.

According to a public opinion poll carried out by request of the Ministry of National Defence in December 2016, the population of Lithuania support Lithuania’s military assistance to Ukraine as well – 63% of respondents were completely in favor or in favor of it.

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