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Ukraine upgrade tanks T-72 up to PT-91 version

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

UKROBORONPROM is ready to upgrade about 300 tanks T-72, which are now in army reserve, to meet NATO standards. According to UKROBORONPROM Deputy Director General of Operations Yurii Pashchenko, modernized units can solve some crucial problems of Ukrainian army.

During round table “Problems of Ukraine’s military-industrial complex reforming,” Yurii Pashchenko mentioned that modernized, in accordance with international standards, military equipment will help to further strengthen Ukrainian army, which needs fast and efficient rearming today.

“Tank T-72 is not in service of Ukrainian Army: There are almost 300 of these tanks in Ukraine and we suggested to Ministry of Defence to upgrade them up to tanks PT-91 – Polish main battle tanks – to meet NATO standards “, – stressed Yurii Pashchenko.

He also noted that Polish side gave Ukrainian military a chance to test PT-91 samples in their proving ground.

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