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Ukraine wants to replace fleet of UAZ tactical vehicles on Kia KM420

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukraine Defense Ministry and National Guard wants to replace ageing of UAZ tactical vehicles on Kia KM420, reported Ukraine is considering the possibility of delivery of South Korean cars for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

The KM420 series of light military vehicles was developed in South Korea by Kia Motors. It a successor to the previous KM410. It entered service with the South Korean Army in 1997 and is now the standard light utility vehicle. It replaced the KM410 and assorted Nissan and Toyota designs. Kia Motors produced over 23 000 of these light military vehicles. A small number of them have been exported. It is also available for civil customers as the Kia Retona.

This 4×4 military vehicle is based on the civilian Kia Sportage. The KM420 is a baseline troop/cargo carrier. It has a maximum payload capacity is 540 kg on highways and 360 kg on cross-country terrain. It can tow light trailers or artillery pieces. The Kia KM420 series vehicles are usually fitted with a canvas soft top.

Also, Ukraine is interested in trucks KIA KM250 6×6. Vehicles Kia KM420 and KM250 can be produced in Ukraine at factory in Chernivtsi company “Bogdan Motors”.

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