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Ukrainian Army has Received Spartan Armored Cars with Sarmat Autonomous Turret

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukrainian army has received six Spartan armored cars Spartan with Sarmat Autonomous Turret. The Streit Group Spartan-APC is a multi-functional LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) designed and built by the Streit Group’s Canadian Manufacturing Facility in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada and KrAZ (Kremenchuk Automobile Plant) in Kremenchuk, Ukraine.

The SARMAT system is designed to equip a wide range of combat vehicles, light ships and coast guard motorboats.

It is used to hit static and moving modern armoured targets that have combined, spaced or monolithic armour, including explosive reactive armour, as well as pinpoint targets like permanent fire positions, tank in a trench, lightly armoured objects, hovered helicopters, waterborne targets and manpower of enemy at any time of day or night.

The SARMAT system comprises:

Combat Module consisting of:
– Rotating Platform with Launching Rails for Missiles,

– Power Unit,

– Guidance Device,

– Thermal Imager, at Customer’s request,

Guided Missiles in Transport and Launching Containers;
Machine Gun;
Remote Control Panel.

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