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Ukrainian army receives new Kozak 2 multipurpose armored vehicles

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Ukrainian Army has received a new Kozak 2 multipurpose armored vehicles, Practika company announced.

Ukraine’s Scientific and Production Association “Practika” handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine a batch of 10 Kozak 2 multipurpose armored vehicles, which was made to order by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

This is the first vehicle of this class, adopted by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and ordered by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine in the history of the independence of this country.

The Kozak 2 is a multipurpose armored vehicle, that combines features of military tactical vehicles and MRAPs. The vehicle based on the chassis of 4×4 truck Iveco Eurocargo tactical truck. According to the company, the Kozak 2 has V-shaped hull and anti-mine seats.


  • GVW 15000 kg.
  • Length 6600 – 7100 mm.
  • Width 2500 mm.
  • Height (by roof) 2650 mm.
  • Engine Iveco, diesel
  • Power 280 hp
  • Torque 950 N*m
  • Transmission ZF, manual
  • Seating capacity 3 – 10
  • Ballistic protection STANAG level 2
  • Blast protection STANAG level 2a, 2b

The vehicle has passed all state trials and procedure of military acceptance and now is in serial production, as of today about 100 vehicles are produced. Previously, vehicles were bought in the interests of the National Guard of Ukraine.

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