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Ukrainian Army receives the first batch of M1152 HMMWV Ambulance from USA

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Armed Forces of Ukraine has received the first batch of 40 M1152 HMMWV with Burtek B4731 Ambulance module from the USA.

The first 5 M1152 HMMWV Ambulance was officially handed over at the Armed Forces of Ukraine on August 27.

The Ambulance would consist of a standard AM General M1152 chassis equipped with the manufacturer’s standard 2-door cab integrated with a Burtek B4731 Ambulance shelter.

The M1152 HMMWV   with Burtek B4731 Ambulance module is capable of transporting up to four litter patients, 6 ambulatory patients, or a combination of litter and ambulatory patients. Additionally, medical personnel, equipment, and a driver can be accommodated in the vehicle.


  • Body constructed from a rigid reinforcing frame covered and connected to an aluminum outer skin.
  • Capacity for four litter or six ambulatory patients.
  • Patient compartment is fully insulated with an KKK-1822 grade heating and A/C system.
  • Hospital grade oxygen system and suction ports for up to six patients.
  • Produced for TACOM Contract W56HZV-08-D-0090

The Ukrainian part of a ceremony attended by Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine Juliana Suprun. The US side presented the Commander of US Army Forces in Europe Lieutenant General Ben Hodges and Head Regional Medical Department US Armed Forces in Europe, Brigadier General Dennis LiMaster.



Photo by Pavel Tkachuk
Photo by Pavel Tkachuk
Photo by Pavel Tkachuk
Photo by Pavel Tkachuk

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