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Ukrainian Company Presents new Bars-6 Armored Personnel Carrier

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Unveiled this week at IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi by Bogdan Corporation, the Bars-6 (“Panther”) is the armoured personnel carrier variant of the Bars multi-functional light armoured vehicle. Totally manufactured in Ukraine by Bogdan Corporation, this new all-wheel drive car is intended to be used for tactical tasks, patrolling the border, protecting roadblocks and conducting military operations in urban areas. The Bars-6 is for the first time showcased on scale-model at IDEX 2015 exhibition.

The Bars-6 APC is based on the Bars light armored vehicle, which has been developed within a short period of time, under conditions relating to the ongoing military action in eastern Ukraine, as the Ukrainian army is not fully equipped with the necessary equipment, the factory’s director Vladyslav Sopita said in a previous press release.

The Bars can be used to transport personnel and cargo under firefight conditions. The vehicle’s passenger capacity is six to eight people wearing full armor. Bars-6 protection in ensured by a welded body, made of steel armoured plates. The Bars-6 is equipped with a multi-purpose ramp allowing mounting of i.a. antitank missile system or automatic grenade launcher.

In addition, the car can include night vision devices, Cyclone dust-collecting unit and other devices at the customer’s request. The vehicle’s basic configuration already includes GPS navigation device, air conditioning, etc.

The Bars-6 can also be equipped with NRBC protection and thermal vision devices. It features 4×4 drive type, a 160 hp engine, allowing a max speed of 100km/h. Consuming only 15 liters per 100 km, Bars’ tanker allows a max range of 600 km. The Bars-6 has a payload capacity of max 1,000 kg.

Ambulance and logistical transport variants are also available at customer request.

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