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Ukrainian company unveils new Hortyca-M signals intelligence system

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ukrainian “Infozahyst” company has unveiled its new mobile signals intelligence system at the Arms and Security exhibition in Kyiv.

The new Hortyca-M mobile signals intelligence system is designed for search, detection, determination of ground-based, airborne and marine radio emission system type, operation mode and commodity, positioning and tracking of detected objects by their on-board system emissions.

The Hortyca-M mobile signals intelligence system provide:

  • Decoding of digital signals in standards DMR, DPMR, AMR, FLEX, P25, A25, etc;
  • Automatic determination of coordinates and spatial orientation of the systems;
  • Automated determination of the sources of radio emission;
  • Establishing a secure connection with similar complexes by means of a satellite communication channel, wired connection with the connection to the data exchange systems Dnipro, Lavina, Pelena (or with the help of a radio relay communication line);
  • High level of masking;
  • Comfortable work and accommodation of the crew of 4 people.

The Hortyca-M provides actionable intelligence, situational understanding, and force protection. It is interoperable on the global signals intelligence enterprise, delivering collected data to common databases for access by the intelligence community. Hortyca-M’s tactical mobility allows supported units to easily reposition its collection capability on the battlefield to support evolving situations.

The Hortyca-M system  is based on an Italian EuroTrakker chassis. The complex can be powered by an autonomous power supply for 12 hours, as well as from the industrial network.


  • Number of receiving antennas – 9
  • Approximate range is up to 45 km
  • Maximum bandwidth of 120 MHz analysis
  • Scan speed (with 3.4 kHz expansion) 15 GHz \ s
  • The frequency range is 25 MHz – 3000 MHz
  • Directional direction of the PNRCH + radio station
  • Number of signals demodulating simultaneously (FM in the 20 MHz band) 30
  • Number of independent receiving channels 5

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