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Ukrainian Defence Concern represented a new «Hopak» rifle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

New operational and portable rifle “Hopak”, developed by JSC “Plant“Mayak”, was represented during the XII International Trade Fair “Arms and Security 2015” on September 22-25. The new development is to pass state test before it will go into service of the Ukrainian army.

Rifle caliber – 7,62×39, its weight is less than 5 kg, firing rate – 30 rounds per minute. ‘Hopak” can be equipped with special silencer, if necessary.

New UKROBORONPROM leadership managed to increase production of military equipment by 36 times, compared to the previous period.

Additional information. PJSC “Plant “Mayak” specializes in development, manufacture, sale, repair, modernization and disposal of weapons and military equipment; carries out research and development, as well as design and experimental work, on development and introduction of new products.  JSC “Plant“Mayak” was he one to develop a new mortar “Molot”, which has already passed state tests and will be mass-produced for Ukrainian army.

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