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Ukrainian Off Road Trucks KrAZ to Be Operated in an African Country

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

“AutoKrAZ” completed another order for delivery of a batch of the KrAZ-6322 6×6 AWD trucks to an African country.

Delivery is made through authorized Ukrainian exporting company.

The trucks have been shipped to customer by the due date under the contract terms. The KrAZ-6322 platform truck is still one of the most popular models with military and rescuers due to its ruggedness, excellent off road performance, easy maintenance and repair.

Up-to-date military off road truck KrAZ-6322 Soldier was in service with the armies of 36 countries of the world including Armed Forces of Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Egypt, Angola, Nigeria, Laos. They carry personnel and various cargoes, tow artillery systems, electronic warfare stations, various weapons systems such as the BM-21 MLRS Grad. They used at airfields for towing aircrafts. KrAZ trucks tackle job other trucks wouldn’t’t take.

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