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Ukroboronprom presented two Ukrainian-Canadian Projects, equipped with high precision weaponry State Kyiv Design Bureau ‘Luch’

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State Kyiv Design Bureau ‘Luch’ (hereinafter – SE ‘Luch’), being incorporated with Ukroboronprom State Concern, in the framework of Eurosatory-2014 International Exhibition for the first time presented the product, produced jointly with Canadian company ‘STREIT Group’, – VARAN-APC armored personnel carrier.

It was informed by Oleg Korostelyov, Director if High Precision Armament and Ammunitions – Director of SE ‘Luch’, during the exhibition. According to the executive, Ukrainian combat module ‘Sarmat’ is mounted on the armored personnel carrier with the wheel arrangement 6×6.

Facility has gearless slewing mechanism, which qualitatively improves navigation and target tracking processes. Module is designed to equip the line of combat vehicles, small ships, and coast guard motorboats.

Besides, in the framework of Eurosatory-2014 Exhibition Canadian company ‘STREIT Group’ presented ‘Warrior’ combat vehicle, which is equipped with Byelorussian antitank missile complex ‘Shershen-D’ with Ukrainian missiles RK-2 of SE ‘Luch’ production.

Mr. Korostelov highly appreciated the achieved level of technical and technological integration of SE ‘Luch’ with international manufacturers.

“Deepening of international cooperation opens Ukraine new markets, allows national defense industrial complex mastering innovative decisions and broadening product line,” Mr. Korostelyov underlined.

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