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Ukroboronprom supplied to National Guard of Ukraine 5 vehicles of BTR-3E

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On June 25, 2014 the supply of next batch of five vehicles of BTR-3E armored personnel carriers for the needs of National Guard of Ukraine was carried out on the Kyiv Armored Plant, which is a member-enterprise of Ukroboronprom State Concern. This is the second batch of armored personnel carriers of such class, which was supplied to National Guard. In total 11 vehicles have been transferred so far.

“The main task of Ukroboronprom’s enterprises is to satisfy the needs of Armed Forces and National Guard of Ukraine in up-to-date weaponry types, development of new samples and their adaptation to modern realities. We make Ukraine strong and our fighting men’s lives protected. I am sure that modern military equipment as BTR-3E will ensure Ukraine peace and calmness very quickly.” – Mr. Tereshchenko informed.

According to the executive BTR-3E, having been developed at Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau and being produced at Kyiv Armored Plant, is fundamentally different from previous developments of armored personnel carriers.

“BTR-3E contains automatic gearbox, reliable engine, powerful fire module and amour, capable to save the lives and health of crew of the vehicle. Its maintenance costs are significantly reduced. I am confident of this vehicle’s capability to perform any difficult task,” – Yuriy Tereshchenko stated.

And Stepan Poltorak, Commander of National Guard of Ukraine, being present at the event, in his tern underlined the importance of involvement of Ukrainian defense industrial complex’s enterprises into the modernization of forceful units of the state.

“First of all, we make an order at our Ukrainian enterprises. This gives an impulse to the development of national defense industry. In return, we receive qualitative products in set deadlines. Ukroboronprom produces modern qualitative armored personnel carriers and other military equipment.” – Mr. Poltorak stressed on.

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