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Units of the Russian military base in Abkhazia were alerted in course of unannounced inspection

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Units of the Russian military base in Abkhazia started practical actions in course of unannounced combat readiness inspection. More than 500 servicemen and up to 100 items of armament, military and special hardware, including modern T-90A tanks, BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers and Mustang KamAZ armoured vehicles, were involved there.

Units perform combat firing with standard armament and military hardware (RPG-7 anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launchers, AK-74 assault rifles, BTR-82AM
armoured personnel carriers, 120 mm mortars and 122 mm D-30 howitzers etc.) at the range.

Servicemen are engaging targets, which imitate light armoured hardware and simulated enemy man power located at a distance of 1000 m. In total, they are to engage about 600 various targets, having fired more than 10 thousand of ammunition, including over 40 artillery projectiles.

Military medics are also practising evacuation of simulated wounded servicemen from the battle field with the use of special UAZ vehicles.

Russia recognised Abkhazia on 26 August 2008, following the August 2008 South Ossetia war. Abkhazia and Russia established diplomatic relations on 9 September 2008.

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