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US Company Participate in VPAF L-39 Upgrade

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The company Aero Vodochody aircraft and company Draken International (USA) has launched the upgrade package combat training aircraft L-39 jet.

Journal Airrecognition said aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody of the Czech Republic and the US company Draken International Cooperation have jointly launched the next upgrade package for line training aircraft L-39 capital by Aero Vodochody development since the late 1960s.

Draken International is one of the US defense company specializing in providing technical assistance, maintenance and repair of aviation to fly combat aircraft or train used in the US.

The latest upgrade transformers L-39, also known as L-39NG allows owners of the L-39 was active in the US can be comprehensively modernized. With significantly enhanced performance of the aircraft as well as improve safety for the L-39 life expectancy has more than 40 years.

Programme L-39NG upgrade adds to this antiquated aircraft technologies most advanced aviation. Most prominent is still equipping L-39NG jet engines Williams International FJ44-4M help it can improve the speed of flight, and the scope of activities as well as the stability of the aircraft when operated continuously.

Besides, L-39NG is equipped with new electrical system and allows removal of the old system with the relevant parts L-39NG help significantly reduce weight compared to the original version. And the L-39NG cockpit is also equipped with some new parts or replacement devices use duration has expired, including overhauling the ejection seat for the pilot.

In addition, L-39NG upgrade package also help aircraft reduce fuel consumption by 15%, reduce maintenance costs associated with the addition of routine maintenance support parallel with upgrading programs. Maintenance period for new engine takes 4 weeks FJ44-4M also for jet engine AI-25TL prototype L-39 take at least 4-6 months of L-39NG weight decreased about nearly 150kg using new engine and replace the old phone system.

According to executive director of Draken International Jared Isaacman said, with being one of the operating companies significant amount of the L-39 in the US, L-39NG upgrade package is considered to be quite fit Benefits of Draken International as well as potential customers in the Americas.

Draken International course will be the sole company offering upgraded L-39NG package market in the Americas based on an agreement with Aero Vodochody was signed last year. Accordingly the company will support maintenance, repair and overhaul line jet training aircraft L-39 and L-159 manufactured by Aero Vodochody and in the future as part of the assembly line production of the aircraft at the US.

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