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US F-22A fighter landing gear fails during Sentry Aloha at Hickam Air Force Base

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Several F-15 jets and more than 130 airmen from Barnes Air National Guard base are in Hawaii for a training exercise.The 104th Fighter Wing announced Tuesday that it is part of Sentry Aloha; a three-week long exercise in which which F-15 pilots will train with F-22 Rapotors in a “simulated combat environment.”

“We left this past Friday, so we got all the jets out there with no problems. The exercise is in a strategic location, obviously the Pacific, Hawaii right in the center of it,” said Col. James Keefe, Commander of the 104th Fighter Wing.“This is our third trip to the Pacific in less than a year, so keeping with the president’s shift toward the Pacific in the national defense strategy, we’re keeping up with that, and performing our exercises out in the Pacific theater of operations.”

The exercise at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Air Force Base, is being hosted by the Hawaii Air National Guard.

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