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Vietnam Officially Confirmed Order SPYDER Advanced SAM Systems

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

In the article “Building the air force – no modern army, firmly safeguard the sky” in the newspaper People’s Army, Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh, Commander of the Air Defense – Air Force has provided about the Vietnam ordered SPYDER advanced air defense missile system.

“To meet the requirements of the construction task Force KQ PK-modern, the past few years, people have actively implemented many projects to improve and enhance the life and features of all kinds VKTBKT .

At the same time, investment gradually procurement of new VKTBKT, combining modern radar ELM-2288 planes / ER, radio 36D6 radar planes, passive radar Kolchuga passive sensor; Missile SPYDER , S-300PMU1, S-125-2TM; multirole fighters Su-30MK2, C-295; intelligence management system automatically VQ 98-01, VQ-1M, VQ-2 …; in collaboration with Viettel Mobile research, producing radar RV-D1, VRS-S, VRS-W .. . ”

The SPYDER is listed next to the weapons, modern weapons in service by Vietnamese People’s Army that we have officially confirmed the purchase of air defense missile system is superior.

This is a logical step after the preparation as sending staff to improve their academic English or built battle to be ready to receive new weaponry.

Although unclear Vietnam SPYDER version option is a short-range variant SPYDER-SR or midrange SPYDER-MR , but this combination is the necessary complement to the S-300PMU1, S-125-2TM and gradually replaced generation systems Strela-10 or S-75M outdated.

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