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Vietnam receives first Israeli-made SPYDER air defense missile system

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Vietnam receives first  Israeli-made SPYDER  air defense missile system based on MAN military trucks to enhance its air defense capacity, that reported by

SPYDER is designed to cater to the organization of air defense operations by mode center network warfare, warfare in all weather conditions, likely high self-propelled maneuver, fighting escalated quickly and Shooting many targets at once.

The sytem has the ability to kill the target aircraft types including fighters, helicopters, unmanned aircraft, cruise missiles and munitions have been fired from the other controls in an environment away from institutional pressure powerful electronics.

SPYDER equipped reconnaissance weapons passive optoelectronic TOPLITE launchers on each car to ensure its ability to detect and target designation for missiles as soon as the car on the move and in the case of reconnaissance radio channel jammers.

SPYDER system uses two types of missiles: the first bullet self-guided missiles with radar and radio initiative Derby missiles with homing head passive infrared thermal imaging technology 2 Python-5 wave band.

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