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Vietnam Successfully Made Medium-Range Radar RV-02

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Radar realm midrange RV-02 is one of those products that are appreciated by superior efficiency, good anti-interference, high reliability, simple to use.

Report broadcast on Quốc phòng Việt Nam (Vietnam Defense) pm on 7/10/2014, said Vietnam has succeeded in making radar medium-range planes RV-02. This project is the product of radar stations built RV-02 by the Institute of Military Engineering Non – Air Force coordinated with other units done.

RV-02 Radar was born with a fully active design technology, manufacturing, processing at all stages, based on the RV-01 product design cooperation with Belarus. In the process of putting into use, the limitations of the RV-01 has been studied and overcome with the application of the most advanced production technology radar. RV-02 has achieved many breakthrough features Specifications.

As well as mid-range radar popular realm, RV-02 is made up of:
– Antenna System
– System transceiver signal
– System process digitized signals
– The system displays information
– The control system

The system integrates the car on 2 separate devices are designed to ensure mobility, in which only 2 cars and a number of base equipment is imported, the rest, PK Institute of Military Technology KQ-coordinated with other units actively design and manufacturing, from engineering to software.

RV-02 rig owner antenna has a length of 21.6 m with 28 Donnie designed and processed with advanced technology ensures detect targets at a distance of hundreds of kilometers away on terrain and conditions different weather.

On the fixed gantry positions for installation of fiber optic transmission, this is an important improvement in the RV-02 signaling for helping fiber optic signal transmission process is carried out quickly and accurately than than high frequency cable system as the old radar station.

With the RV-02, process development, optimization tuner with 28 channel processing, equivalent to 28 Donnie antenna, receiver and 28 blocks – design development standards.
Colonel Pham Thanh Giang, Head of Radar Research, Institute of Military Technology PK-KQ said positive anti-interference ability, as well as anti-jamming negative (RV-02) was markedly enhanced. In addition, the ability of the electronic reconnaissance against enemy better also.

RV-02 development than the previous generation radars in the modern part of the advanced treatment system, with the entire process of digitizing done. In addition, the RV-02 also confirmed when modernity was fully controlled by computer systems instead of mechanical buttons as the previous generation.

The technology initiative of the RV-02 is also reflected in the optimal design of the body, pedestals, columns. The height of the antenna rig RV-02 is 11m from the ground, which ensures high system began to condense the best air targets within hundreds of miles. However, with the rotation speed 6 cycles / min, body systems, radar pedestal is designed with special criteria.

Radar pedestal swivel, while ensuring the consistency to support the entire weight truss antenna is approximately 18 tons. Vehicle oscilloscope with 3 simple sorting machine, like a miniature headquarters, in which the system sorted by integrating schemes to minimize area and maximize efficiency. Fibre optic cable is used to replace the conventional cable generations old radar. Accordingly, the speed of the radar signal to reach optimal capability, and LAN systems are designed to efficiently handle and good communication between the department and coordinate the RV-02.

RV-02 with the participation of the hydraulic system of automatic control, deployment-time recovery of only about 10-15 minutes, much lower than deployment time – withdrawal of the former radar station from 45 minutes – 1 hour.

The operation of the RV-02 is simple and effective. Systems with modern equipment to help achieve the RV-02 advanced features like traction Vietnam began targets small reflective area or use stealth technology.

Colonel Nguyen Phung Bao, Institute for System Integration Military Technical Academy, said: “I must say this is one of the stations using modern technology, even though it has much better than the products of the same type of cooperation with foreign research “.

Projects built RV-02 radar stations were partially meet the needs of modernization of the Air Defense – Air Force and brings new face in arming the masses. When equipped in force, promises RV-02 is a product of modern technology to contribute more to the system ” magic eye realm “sky protection of national peace.


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