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Vietnam Would to Sign a Contract to Supply 18 Caesar 155mm Self-Propelled Artillery

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

TTU Online recently reported that the French company Nexter Systems and defense of the country is expected to sign a contract to supply 18 Caesar 155mm self-propelled artillery in Vietnam.

Website (France) reported that the company Nexter (France) said that they are good prospects in a number of new markets, especially in Vietnam.

Despite the huge competitive pressure from Russia but Nexter will provide Vietnam kinds of self-propelled artillery caliber 155mm CAESAR.

Nexter revealed, Vietnam will initially ordered 18 CAESAR artillery system, with the aim to equip a total of 108 artillery systems of this type.

In addition to new customers as Vietnam, Nexter said the company will conduct negotiations with Qatar to import capability provides self-propelled artillery team CAESAR, although Qatar had previously purchased PzH 2000 self-propelled artillery of Germany.

Previously, self-propelled guns were 2 CAESAR other countries as Lebanon and Indonesia bid.

CAESAR Self-Propelled Gun (acronym: un Système d’Equipe CAMION d’Artillerie) is the caliber 155mm howitzer mounted on 6×6 truck chassis.

CAESAR was state-owned companies Developed by GIAT Industries (now Nexter) from the 90s of XX century.

A self-propelled guns CAESAR can carry 18 shells and is operated by a gunner crew of 5 people ‘, but can be reduced to 3 people’ khi cần.

Fireworks can be transported by cargo plane C-130 or A400M. Maximum range of 42km as cannon ammunition and if USED Increased range of up to 50km if bullets USED jet.

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