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VOLAT to unveil new models of light armoured vehicle at MILEX 2017

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Belarus’s company Volat (Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Open Joint Stock Company) designs and makes unique transport solutions for its customers to carry heavy loads on public roads and in difficult terrains.

VOLAT invites everyone interested to visit the 8-th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery MILEX-2017 that will be held on the open area of MCSC “Minsk-Arena” and on the territory of airport “Minsk-1” during the period from May 20, 2017 to May 22, 2017.

VOLAT will present the series of highly unified chassis MZKT-6001 with wheel drive 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8, the truck tractor MZKT-74296 and the light armoured vehicle MZKT-490100. 

VOLAT also will show the manoeuvrability and performance of MZKT-490100-010 during the live demonstration sessions.

The VOLAT  MZKT-490100 is a  is a mine-resistant light armored vehicle initially designed by Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant Open Joint Stock Company  as a private venture. The vehicle features a V-shaped wall monocoque armored hull design and offers advanced protection features and superior off-road mobility and can operate in urban, mountainous and difficult rural terrains.

The new armored vehicles  has a chassis frame construction, with a traditional layout of front engine, middle crew compartment, and rear cargo area.

The VOLAT  MZKT-490100 is designed primarily to be used by military for convoy protection, border patrol, counter insurgency, troop transportation, medical evacuation and command control vehicle.

VOLAT MZKT-490100. Photo by abw.by
VOLAT MZKT-490100. Photo by abw.by

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