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Tragedy befalls USS Theodore Roosevelt

Posted by Jacky Chia on

File photo of the USS Theodore Roosevelt at sea (AP: Bullit Marquez, file).

April 13th, 2020 marked the first death of an active-duty U.S. Navy servicemember due to the COVID-19 infection. Said U.S. Sailor was one of the 585 USS Theodore Roosevelt crewmembers who tested positive for the coronavirus. He tested positive for the infection on March 20th, evacuated ashore into his quarantine room where he was found unconscious on April 9th during a daily medical check conducted by the onsite medical team. The affected Sailor was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation and then subsequently moved into the Intensive Care Unit at Naval Hospital Guam.

This tragedy comes as four additional Sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt were transferred to the Naval Hospital over the weekend, according to an official statement from CMDR. Clay Doss. The Navy spokesman added that none of the four crewmembers required the aid of ventilators or Intensive Care, and were in stable condition as of Monday, April 13th.

The identity of the deceased Sailor is being withheld until further notice, as the Navy reaches out to notify the servicemember’s next-of-kin. Navy investigators plan to release results of the findings into the circumstances surrounding the Command Management of USS Theodore Roosevelt by end of the week.

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