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Custom Air Force Patches

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Custom Air Force Patches
Finding custom air force patches has proven itself difficult until Morale Patch Armory came along. We made it our mission to provide you with a one stop patch solution. If you are looking for PVC Morale Patches, IR Morale Patches, Embroidered Morale Patches or just a completely custom patch solution we have you covered. 
When it comes to Custom Air Force Patches, every unit like to show their pride and camaraderie with their own special custom patch. Unlike Challenge Coins, a custom air force patch is a more personal and is shown more since many people will wear it on their flight suits, their gear bags and more places where they can be seen clearly by anyone. 
Let’s take some time and answer a few frequently asked about Custom Air Force Patches:
Where Do I Begin? 
Well, first things first you need to have an idea of the design you want. Traditionally, most people go with an embroidered patch as far as the material goes, but the design factor is totally up to you. When it comes to shapes most people again will go traditional and choose a circle shaped patch or a crest shaped patch. If you are the designer of the patch then you are one step ahead. If you do not have a designer one of the best things to do and what we highly suggest is asking around your squadron and finding that one crazy Airman that loves Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and has fun doing projects, couple his knowledge with a dash of creativity and you are well on your way to some awesome Custom Air Force Patches from Morale Patch Armory.
I Have An Idea, But I Don’t Have A Designer, Does Morale Patch Armory Have One?
We have several in house designers that work on many of our exclusive designs and work, we do not generally take on client work for Custom Patch Design but if you have no other options we will take on the task. Our Patch Design work starts at $350.00 and up for the design work of your patch.  
If you know you want a patch, but just not sure what you want it to look like and what message you want to send across. We recommend that you check out our Pinterest Boards and follow us while your are there: Morale Patch Armory
I Have My Custom Air Force Patch Design, Now What?
Almost there! You have your design, now we just need to get rolling on the production side of the house.We can now take your design and depending on what type of material your patch will be made from, get a mold made for it. Next, is when you will pick how many patches you are going to order. We have a minimum quantity order of 50 pieces. The prices will vary depending on Design Complexity, Colors and Quantity. The more you order the lower the investment in your patches. There is a charge for the mold to be made of your design. That is a standard charge and the good news is that we keep your design molds on file and should you need to reorder more you will not have to pay that fee again and we can rush production on your reorders!
How Long Until I Get My Custom Air Force Patches? 
Total production time is 3-6 weeks from start to finish. We are able to rush certain steps depending on time constraints. Once you approve of the digital sample production begins and we will ship them out as soon as your order is complete. Rush shipping is also available and also upon request we can mail you a physical sample of your patch before production begins, but generally this really slows down the production process and most people are very happy with seeing a digital proof. 
We look forward to helping you with your Custom Air Force Patches. If you have any questions, comments or concerns we are always here to help simply reach out via our Contact Us Page!

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