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Celebrating and Honoring Military Appreciation Month

Posted by Concerned Veterans for America on

May is Military Appreciation Month. We celebrate and recognize multiple military holidays and remembrance days in May, so it’s appropriate that the whole month is dedicated to the military. We celebrate the end of World War II’s European campaign on Victory in Europe Day, recognize the support behind our service members on Military Spouses Day, and remember the fallen on Memorial Day to name a few. Thus May has become a month for the nation to examine all aspects of military life and the costs and the rewards of freedom.

For those in the service, the military lifestyle is unlike any other. The military comes with any number of difficulties including base transfers, weekends of training, responding to natural disasters, deployments, physical or mental injuries or death. Nevertheless, men and women of the military jump right into these situations, all to protect the freedom we enjoy.

We are a blessed nation. We have freedoms few others enjoy. We have laws that secure those freedoms for us. We are even more blessed that thousands of men and women have the courage and spirit to protect that freedom. Civilians can never repay the debt paid by those who answered the call to serve.

What civilians can do is ensure that veterans are honored and cared for by the government and citizenry. This can be accomplished in a lot of ways. Ensuring the VA properly cares for veterans. Ensuring a welcoming economy for veterans transitioning back to civilian life. Fighting policies that create bloated bureaucracy and drive up our national debt. Making sure the Pentagon is using taxpayer dollars efficiently and effectively.

This is our month as a nation to truly appreciate how our military has defended freedom since the Revolutionary War. Take that appreciation and turn it into action. Give to those who have given so much to us.

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