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Flag Day – A day to remember the symbolism and sacrifice behind our flag

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On June 14, 1777, still in the beginning of a seemingly hopeless war with England, the Continental Congress adopted the following resolution: “That the flag of the United States shall be of thirteen stripes of alternate red and white, with a union of thirteen stars of white in a blue field, representing the new constellation.” The flag has since stood as a symbol of patriotism, the growth of the country, and sacrifice.

The flag holds a special meaning that is unique to service members. They salute the flag rather than place a hand over the heart as a civilian does. Military uniforms include a reverse-facing flag on the wearers right shoulder to signify the move into battle. The families of those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom are presented with a flag from a grateful nation. The flag is a symbol of the nation, its states, its history, and its cost.

Whether military, veteran, or civilian, the American flag is iconic and provokes powerful emotion. It has been worn by Olympians on a world stage, raised by Marines in the midst of battle at Iwo Jima, and planted on the moon. Even as it did 240 years ago, our flag stands for victory, progress, freedom and hope.

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