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Marine veteran shares his experiences at the VA

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Adam Miller spent 4 years on active duty in the Marine Corps. He sustained neck and back injuries during that time, the remnants of those injuries still affecting him today. After leaving the Marine Corps, Adam began seeking treatment with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for his service-connected injuries. He was met with a system that left him feeling let down.

Adam experienced delays in receiving appointments and cancellations of those appointments without his knowledge. He also experienced poor management of his medical needs, leading to uncoordinated prescribing of medication. When he raised his concerns, he was pushed aside by care managers and made to feel like “just a number.”

Adam stated, “it was devastating to put your trust into health care professionals, and them not providing you the care that you need.” Unfortunately, he is not alone in both sentiment and experience. Thousands of veterans put their trust in the VA each day, and that trust is violated through delays in care, lack of management, substandard care, and often a disregard for individual needs.

Stories like Adam’s need to be told. Adam and his fellow veterans fought for a nation that promised to care for them, but they’re often disappointed with the care they receive in return. Without the option to seek medical care when and where they need it, veterans like Adam are relegated to VA care, where they stay “just a number.”

Tell Congress that veterans deserve to choose where they seek their care, whether inside or outside of the VA system!

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