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North Carolina bill makes life easier for military families

Posted by Concerned Veterans for America on

A new bill introduced last week in the North Carolina General Assembly would ease the occupational licensing burdens on military families. If the bill passes, military members and their spouses would be allowed to practice their professions while transitioning to North Carolina licensure.

The legislation provides military-trained individuals and their spouses a temporary practice permit while the individual satisfies the state’s licensure requirements set by their respective profession’s occupational licensing board. Additionally, the board will not charge the applicant for the temporary permit.

Military members and their families regularly see their lives interrupted and uprooted. If the North Carolina General Assembly passes this legislation it would guarantee that military families are not subject to unnecessary occupational burdens. This bill will simplify their transition and allow American service members and their families to seek economic security upon moving to the Tar Heel State. The introduction of this bill is a credit to the government of North Carolina for recognizing the weight occupational regulations put on families and attempting to make the lives of military families in the state that much easier.

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