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Purple Heart recipient shares his VA story

Posted by Concerned Veterans for America on

Veterans from all over the country have faced extensive wait times at the VA, and many have stood up to share their experiences. Marine Corps veteran and Purple Heart recipient Ben Rangel is one of those veterans.

Ben served in the Marine Corps for eight years. During that time he served three tours, two of them combat tours in Iraq. In 2004, during his first tour in Iraq, Ben was hit by an IED. He received the Purple Heart for injuries resulting from the explosion.

After serving for eight years, willing to put his life in jeopardy, Ben sought care for his service-connected injuries at the VA. But like countless other veterans, Ben experienced unnecessary difficulty even getting in for an appointment. After leaving the service and contacting the VA for his first appointment, Ben was told he would have to wait 8 months to be seen. Since then, the waiting, travel and quality of care have been burdensome to say the least.

Ben is among the bravest of men and women who have put duty before their own safety and returned home with the scars of war. They deserve the best possible care that can be given, but often times that’s not what they’re given.

Watch the rest of Ben’s story here and take action to bring better care to veterans.

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