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VA Reform Would Strengthen, Not Weaken, the VA

Posted by Concerned Veterans for America on

The VA’s current structure is failing too many of our nation’s heroes. Enacting choice reform would be a tremendous help to those who are suffering under a mountain of red tape and bureaucratic ineptitude.

The available data and countless stories show the VA desperately needs reform. Nevertheless, the VA still has an important role in providing care. Veterans who want to keep receiving care at their VA facilities should be allowed to do so.

After all, providing health care shouldn’t be a one-size-fits all system. If some veterans prefer to remain in the current system, they should have that choice. Likewise, if other veterans want to see a private doctor or go to a private hospital, they should be able to do so.

How can the VA serve both those who want to receive care at their facilities and those who don’t?

The answer is by enacting choice reform and restructuring the VA into two main components.

  • First, it should retain its normal function of providing health care through its facilities.
  • Second, it should provide health insurance through a Veterans Health Insurance Plan (VHIP) which veterans could use to see private providers if they want to.

By grandfathering all current enrollees into the new system, the VA could be restructured without impacting anyone’s immediate care and veterans could continue to go to their VA facilities if they choose.

Strengthening the VA through choice reform would improve the system so our country’s heroes can receive the very best care. And veterans agree. A recent poll by Concerned Veterans for America shows that 90 percent of Veterans want increased choice in the veteran’s health care system. Congress should listen to them and give veterans the choice they deserve.

Click here to urge Congress to pass VA choice reform.

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