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VA Secretary calls for accountability at the VA

Posted by Concerned Veterans for America on

For the first time ever, the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary has called for strong accountability measures at the VA. The VA issued a statement Friday afternoon calling on Congress to pass the VA Accountability First Act so administrators can begin to clean up the agency. The statement came after administrators were told they had to wait at least a month to fire an employee who was caught watching porn while working with a patient. Under current laws the VA is required to continue paying an employee who administrators are trying to fire, meaning this employee will get at least a month’s pay.

“This is an example of why we need accountability legislation as soon as possible,” Secretary David Shulkin said. “It’s unacceptable that VA has to wait 30 days to act on a proposed removal.”

“Current legislation in Congress reduces the amount of time we have to wait before taking action,” Secretary Shulkin went on to say. “I look forward to working with both the Senate and the House to ensure final legislation gives us the flexibility we need.”

Concerned Veterans for America Executive Director Mark Lucas said he’s grateful Secretary Shulkin is an ally in the fight to bring much-needed accountability to the VA. “Secretary Shulkin said it’s up to the Senate to fix this problem by sending strong accountability legislation to President Trump’s desk without delay, and we agree,” Lucas said. “At this point, there is no excuse for the Senate to not move this bill to a vote as soon as possible.”

Join the movement demanding VA reform. Click here to tell your Senators to support the VA Accountability First Act of 2017!

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