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#VAFail – Boston VA Blunders Continue to Risk Veterans’ Information

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Only a week after reports of misdiagnosis and untreated traumatic brain injuries of combat veterans, Department of Veterans Affairs facilities in Boston facilities face new allegations.

An Air Force veteran, identified only as Terry, claims VA officials handed him medical records of two other veterans in addition to his own, mishandling private information.

He didn’t realize the mistake until later and was horrified to find not one, but two additional sets of medical records in the bundle given to him by a VA employee.

The information given to Terry could have been used maliciously in the wrong hands. Medical records contain highly sensitive, personal information.

The callous behavior of VA employees who handle private medical information is not new for Massachusetts. In 2016, Boston area veterans received hundreds of pages of medical records of other veterans in the mail. Documents included Social Security numbers, dates of birth, medications, and confidential doctor’s notes.

“The system is broken, but I truly believe that there are folks who do their best,” Terry told Boston 25 News. “And then there are some lapses there where people aren’t quite doing their best. Things like this with records, with delayed care, denied care happen and the results are that there are veterans who aren’t breathing anymore.”

Public outrage isn’t enough to save veterans from bad VA employees. That is why the Senate must pass legislation to hold VA employees more accountable.

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