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#VAFail – Drugs missing in multiple Florida VA facilities

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If you need just one, solid reason for accountability at the VA, here it is: missing or stolen drugs. We learned about this problem a few months ago, and during what’s being called the “opioid epidemic” it’s not surprising that staff is involved in stealing medication like oxycodone and fentanyl. Not surprising, but still unacceptable.

According to reports in Florida, we now know that five incidents of drug loss occurred in that state alone. All five were “by an internal source,” and two incidents involved VA staff. The Bradenton Herald reports that one staff member was suspended for two week, and the other resigned ahead of proposed termination.

The number of drugs missing from these five facilities is staggering. They included 16 types of drugs, mostly fentanyl, codeine, methylphenidate, and oxycodone. At least 1,300 tablets are lost at a street value up to $14,000.

What’s more staggering about this story? The fact that Florida Senator Bill Nelson hasn’t backed accountability reform measures at the VA yet. The “discipline” of two employees involved in drug loss in Florida can hardly be characterized as just. Senator Nelson has an opportunity to put veterans first at the VA, not unions or bureaucracy. He should take that opportunity for the good of Florida veterans, and veterans everywhere.

Tell your Senator to support the VA Accountability First Act of 2017!

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