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#VAFAIL – Memphis VA Hospital, ‘House of Horrors,’ Ranked Among Worst Facilities for Veterans

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Described by a former employee as “a house of horrors,” the Memphis VA Hospital is classified as one of the worst facilities for veteran safety in the country.

Known for its low rating of one out of five stars on the VA’s official quality-of-care rankings, the Memphis VA Hospital has a history of substandard conditions and failed medical procedures.

In September 2016, caretakers at the Memphis VA botched a veteran’s foot surgery, leaving plastic casing intact on a tube inserted into the patient’s leg. The casing prevented blood flow, leading to an amputation just weeks after the initial procedure.

In another instance, Vietnam veteran Charles Davis discovered in 2015 what he suspected to be a tumor. His suspicions were correct, but the VA doctors failed to diagnose the tumor until it was too late. The tumor caused severe damage to Davis’ spine, paralyzing him.

These are not isolated instances. In the last year alone, the negligence of Memphis VA caregivers resulted in more than 1,000 separate instances of threats to veteran safety, including:

*Mishandling a veteran’s tissue sample, resulting in the need for a repeat biopsy;
*Puncturing a veteran’s colon during a colonoscopy; and
*Forcing a veteran with abdominal pain and blood in his urine to wait two hours in the emergency room before he left to receive urgent care at a different hospital.

Thousands of veterans rely on VA hospitals to provide the best care every day. Reports of serious medical malpractice at facilities like the Memphis VA are completely unacceptable and demonstrate the need for VA accountability.

Our veterans deserve greater choice when it comes to their health care so they can receive the best treatment and care available that fits their unique medical situation.

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