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#VAFail – VA Allegedly About to Toss Over 500,000 Benefit Applications Because of Internal Errors

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A VA whistleblower has written a letter to President Trump detailing the potential trashing of over 500,000 veterans’ benefits applications.

In 2014, Scott Davis, an employee at the VA’s national enrollment office in Atlanta, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the enrollment office’s mismanagement and possible fraud concerning 889,000 healthcare applications. He even testified before Congress about the myriad problems plaguing the office.

Now, to deal with that mess, the VA has created a new one.

The Washington Examiner reports that Davis has written President Trump, alleging the “VA is planning on declaring over 500,000 Veteran applications incomplete and abandoned at the end of March 2017.”

To tackle its unbelievable backlog of applications, last spring the VA mailed 545,000 letters requesting additional information from veterans. But they asked for the wrong information.

The Journal-Constitution and the Examiner both cite an email from Matthew Eitutis, the acting director for VA Member Services, in which Eitutis admits the VA’s mistake. The Journal-Constitution reports that,

On December 28th, an executive overseeing the campaign emailed [Secretary] Shulkin and [Deputy Secretary] Gibson alerting them to problems with 545,000 letters the agency sent to veterans last spring…. Officials believed the letters requested wrong information from veterans and did not resolve the problem, the email reviewed by the AJC said.

In his letter to the president, Davis also claims the VA mistakenly required 105,000 veterans to provide additional financial information they didn’t need to provide.

As of now, the VA plans to go through with their purge, once again putting its interests ahead of the veterans it claims to serve. The Journal-Constitution explains that,

If veterans don’t respond correctly to the flawed request letter, their application will be purged after a year. That purging is scheduled to begin in March…. If the applications are purged in error, veterans will not get reimbursed for healthcare costs that should have been covered by the VA.

The VA should not make veterans pay for its mistakes. The men and women who put their lives at risk for our freedom deserve better treatment than having the benefits they earned tossed in the trash.

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