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#VetsWeek: Veterans of the U.S. Army – First to Fight

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The men and women of the Army joined the longest-established American military organization, finding their roots in the time before the birth of our country. Established by the Second Continental Congress in 1775, the Continental Army fought for freedom throughout the Revolutionary War.

Soldiers in the Army have been involved in every major conflict since then, from the War of 1812 at home, to the world wars, to conflict in the Middle East.

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates there are more than 8.8 million living Army veterans today. As the largest branch of the military, that’s twice the number of the next largest veteran population, the Navy.

Army veterans have played key roles in the founding of our country. They have built communities, engaged in public service and reached the highest office of President of the United States. Of the 26 presidents who served in the military, 18 were in the Army, including George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.

The Army can also boast the highest number of Medal of Honor recipients in its branch – 2,404.

Despite the differences, they all share a dedication to the Army and to freedom. Today we remember and thank veterans of the U.S. Army for their service and defending our nation.

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