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ACU Texas Flag Morale Patch

ACU Texas Flag

ACU Texas Flag


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Morale Patch Armory's Description:

ACU Texas Flag Patch 

God Bless Texas! The ACU Texas Flag Morale Patch! This embroidered ACU colored Texas state flag is the perfect addition to your patch collection. If you are from Texas, trained in Texas, or just want to collect this state flag, this little tactical patch will not let you down.

Fun Fact: Texas' flag is also known as the Lone Star Flag. So we could call this the Lone Star Flag Morale Patch too. According to Texas’ Flag Code, the lone star represents all of Texas and stands for the state’s unity as one for God, state, and country. This symbol didn’t originate with the flag, however—Texans also used it as a symbol of solidarity when they declared independence from Mexico. The lone star has also come to represent a spirit of independence. Rock your symbol of independence with this morale patch



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Morale Patch Specs
Morale Patch Size 3"x2"
Morale Patch Design Morale Patch Armory
Morale Patch Specs Velcro Backing
Morale Patch Material Embroidered 
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