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Army Airborne Screaming Eagle PVC Patch Morale Patch® Armory

Army Airborne Screaming Eagle

Army Airborne Screaming Eagle




I wanna be an airborne ranger,
Live the life of guts and danger.
Airborne ranger,
Life of danger.
I wanna be a scuba diver,
Swim around in the muddy water.
Scuba diver, muddy water.
Airborne ranger, life of danger.
I wanna be an S.F. medic,
Shoot some funky anesthetic.
S.F.medic, anesthetic.
Scuba diver, muddy water.
Airborne ranger, guts and danger.
And when I retire.
Im gonna be a texas ranger,
Drive around in skin tight wranglers!
Texas ranger, skin tight wranglers.
Im gonna be a UPS man,
Drive around in a ugly brown van.
Ups man, ugly brown van
Texas ranger, skintight wranglers.
Im gonna be a forrest ranger.
Chipmunks are my greatest danger.
Forrest ranger, chipmunk danger.
UPS man, ugly brown van.
Forrest ranger, chipmunk danger.
Morale Patch Wearin' RANGER!

Alright, maybe we added the Morale Patch Wearin' Ranger part, but you know as well ads any other hard charger that all BAMF wear morale patches. This one is in honor of the Elite Airborne. This PVC Patch is a cool shape and it's ready for you to add it to your collection.



Morale Patch Armory Specs
Material: PVC
Size: 2.5" x 3"

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Charles Swift
Army Airborne Screaming Eagle

Goes great on my shoulder bag