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Bone Skull 3D

Bone Skull 3D



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Morale Patch Armory's Description:
The Bone Skull 3D Morale Patch is a personal favorite here at the Morale Patch Armory. This is a had crafted, hand carved 3D Resin Morale Patch. It is made of resin and then coated with a special texture that gives it a clean unique look. The craftsmanship and attention to detail you will find in this amazing patch is second to none. The bone skull design is everything you imagine, it's deep, it's dark, it's badass and it's high quality. It's backed with a high quality hook and loop material for you to attach it wherever you want. There are two variations of this literal beastly morale patch. It comes in a deep coyote tan and glow in the dark. (the glow in the dark is our personal favorite.) These are an exclusive and one of a kind design and they are made in limited quantities. If you are looking to be truly among the best in your patch game then these are a no brainer must have item. We currently have some coyote tan and some glow in the dark in our inventory, keep on the look out for the blood red edition coming soon too.

Morale Patch Armory Specs
Material: Resin
Size: 1.37" x 2.36"
LSM Custom Design

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