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Defenders Of The Force

Defenders Of The Force



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Morale Patch Armory's Description:
Hey, there Defender. Yes, you! You are probably all hyped up from the Star Wars marathon you had on post streaming the movies if you had cellphone service or hiding out somewhere with your DVD's like a DB Airman and now that you have seen Rouge One or are waiting to see it. We are just playing we know there is no room in Security Forces for that kind of fuckery. It's just a badass patch for the most badass career field in the Air Force. If you think about it Security Forces truly are the defenders of the force. Get yours while they last, No AF 1297 required. But seriously, we are not sure if we will bring them back after this run. 

Morale Patch Armory Specs
Material: Embroidered/Velcro Backed
Size: 3"x 3"

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