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Lance Commandant Marine Corps

Lance Commandant

Lance Commandant


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Morale Patch Armory's Description:

The Lance Commandant of The Marine Corps

According to Urban Dictionary a Lance Commandant can be described as:

A Lance Corporal in the USMC who abuses his power by making Privates and Private First Classes do dumb shit. A Lance Commandant is usually overly strict, and just an asshole that hates life and takes out his frustration on others below him. He thinks he is better than the rest of the junior enlisted just because he has been in the USMC for a few more months.
"Wow, one guy is one minute late to the fifteen prior for our accountability formation at 5:00am, so Lance Commandant is making us all pick up every single shell on the beach as a punishment, because apparently it's our fault the marine is slow as hell."



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